Digital Services

As the global energy sector is transforming, Vestas offers customers digital solutions to make day-to-day wind energy operations more efficient and help deliver increased renewable energy production.

Digital Services


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Vestas Online

Vestas Online is your collection of digital Vestas applications, designed to help you make it easier and more profitable to operate your turbine portfolio. 

Vestas Online

Vestas Online is a digital platform providing wind turbine owners under Vestas service agreement easy and secure access to turbine-specific self-services that can be performed remotely whenever needed.

Information and documents are safely stored in the cloud and intuitively displayed by the user-friendly interface, making it easier for you to manage your fleet. Data and documents are accessible with one login to Vestas Online, making for a seamless user experience. Integration with the Vestas backend systems and master data ensures data reliability and transparency. Vestas Online is available across several devices and it is available in a variety of languages i.e. English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish. The platform goes beyond just Vestas and helps customers to manage wind turbines from all the largest brands in the industry.

Self-services available in Vestas Online

Organised under different applications and managed through a set of customisable notifications, your wind turbine self-services are always easily accessible through Vestas Online.

The Vestas Online jump board ensures that the latest and most relevant information updates are just a few clicks away, guaranteeing full overview on your fleet activities status.

The Service Schedule application provides real time information on upcoming service visits, from initial planning to job completion (when the Service Order report is made available). Changes and updates to the service schedule are always instantly available, and what you see is always the latest plan. The schedule data is available for browsing and download in any form you prefer: online web overview, CSV file for download, or printable reports. You can also simply access the data via the API key enabling automatic data import to your own systems.

Key features:

  • Customize your view, select power plants, turbine types and timeframe, or search specific turbine ID or service order number.
  • View and download data as PDF/CSV files, or set up data feed to automatically update your own systems with latest service schedule information.
  • Automatically receive an email with overview of upcoming service visits at the preferred frequency.

The Service Order Reports application is where you find and download the Service Order Reports, i.e. the recap document created after the service team has completed the service visit. Vestas Online stores Service Order Reports dating all the way back to 2007. The reports can be accessed and downloaded by multiple users, and from multiple channels (web, tablets and smartphones), so that you can stop spending time on distributing the reports manually.

Key features:

  • Customize your view, select power plants, turbine types and timeframe, or search specific turbine ID or service order number.
  • View and download data as PDF files and XML files, which can be imported into e.g. Excel for analysis purposes.
  • Receive notifications when new Service Order Reports are available.

The Workspaces application gives you access to a site and project-specific collaboration platform where you can share information, files and discussion topics with the members of your organization and the Vestas team. All important files and information are grouped by site or project in one place. You can get notified instantly when new information is available. Workspaces is also available on tablets and smartphones, making it easy for you to take part even when you are on the go.

Key features:

  • Get overview of files, information, discussions and team members, per site and project.

  • Search, browse and manage your documents. Download directly to your computer and use the file basket for bulk download.

  • Get in touch easily with your team members via new discussion threads and posts.

  • Receive notifications when news are available, ensuring constant update with the latest information.

The Invoices application enables you to manage all the invoices issued by Vestas to your company. The platform provides a complete recap of open invoices and current balance. The advanced search options help you get an overview of invoices with reference to specific contract, sales or service order. When viewing an invoice on screen it is possible to simultaneously open and view the related service order. The application also works on tablets and smartphones. The data feed option gives access to the API endpoint, which you can use for automatically extracting the invoices and import to your own system.

Key features:

  • View, organize and download invoices.

  • Use the advanced search and filter option to easily find invoices of interest, and view related service order reports next to the invoice.

  • Get notified when new invoices are available online.

The Account Statement application provides an overview of current financial balance with Vestas, per currency. In addition, you can see what open transactions are adding up to the balance according to Vestas accounts receivable records. For more details and accounts payable reconciliation, you can order and view the full account statement for a selected period, also on tablets and smartphones.

Key features:

  • See real time overview of account balance per currency, including transactions adding up to the balance.
  • Order online account statement for specific periods.

The Blade Asset Management application helps you as a turbine owner by providing insights into the condition of your blades (damage severity and types) in order for you to best plan maintenance and repair activities. The application systematically gathers blade inspection data and recommended actions across sites and turbines into one collective overview, regardless of the wind turbine brand. 

Equipped with an interactive and user-friendly dashboard, the Blade Asset Management application allows you to explore your own inspection results across geographies, turbine models and blade variants. You have the option to customise the data view and access levels to specific users within your organisation, making the information relevant for individual colleagues. Blade Asset Management builds on Vestas’ extensive experience in inspecting, assessing, maintaining and repairing blades for +40 years. Discover more here.

Key features:

  • Explore blade inspection results across sites, geographies, turbine models and blade variants.

  • Easily export blade data either as a fleet, site or turbine reports, for improved reporting to management, partners and clients.

The Support Tickets application enables to easily submit new support tickets, as well as get an updated overview of tickets status and resolution progress. In this way, you do not spend time at the telephone with the support team, while at the same time managing technical issues and doubts in the smoothest way possible.

Key features:

  • Easily submit your support tickets thanks to the intuitive user interface.

  • Efficiently keep track of all the tickets you have opened and their status.

For more information

For more information about access and availability contact your local Vestas Sales and Service Office.