Offshore Wind Turbines

With more than 25 years of experience offshore, we are committed to leading a sustainable offshore wind industry to enable the big build-out required to realize the energy transition in time.

Offshore Wind Turbines

Since Tunø Knob in 1995, the industry’s oldest commercial offshore installation still in operation, we have been committed to harnessing the full potential of offshore wind. Continuously setting new standards with game-changing technologies. As trusted partners in project engineering, installation, operations, service, and maintenance, we know what it takes to help our customers realise maximum offshore capability. With more than 25 years of experience we have a proven track record of +9.0 GW and +1,700 turbines installed across 48 projects, covering markets in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweeden,  Denmark, and Germany - and our floating experiences in markets like Portugal and Scotland.

+ 25 years

Experience in offshore wind

15 MW

V236-15.0 MW™ – pushing the industry forward on energy production

+9.0 GW

Globally installed capacity across 48 projects

Offshore Projects Globally

Offshore Wind Turbines

V236-15.0 MW™

The V236-15.0 MW™ is built on proven, world-class technology and engineered for efficiency in offshore environments around the world.

V174-9.5 MW™

V174-9.5 MW™ offshore wind turbine boasts the industry’s largest commercially proven rotor size and most powerful outcome.