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Vestas offers customers a suite of best-in-class analytics applications across energy sources that enables the digitalization of renewable energy assets

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Smart Data Analytics

As the global energy sector is transforming, Vestas offers customers digital solutions to deliver greater predictability, increased renewable energy production, more efficient operations, and better integration with energy grids.

Vestas offers customers a suite of best-in-class analytics products across energy sources that supports the digitalization of renewable energy assets and energy systems. Giving easy access to portfolio-wide asset visualization, predictive maintenance, and wind/solar power forecasting, the suite represents a critical business decision-making tool for renewable asset owners and operators.

Scipher - Energy Analytics platform

Scipher™ is an advanced, scalable, industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT energy analytics platform, and a data powerhouse, with nearly 120 GW of data flowing into the system – the largest, most robust in the industry.

Underpinned by a data management layer that provides secure and fast storage of large volumes of data, the platform leverages an embedded portfolio of pre-trained models, industry-specific content and data models to provide actionable insights that drive financial outcomes. It utilizes ground-breaking machine learning techniques to offer robust and accurate energy analytics that accelerate time-to-value and drive smarter decision making.

The platform integrates seamlessly with cloud data sources. Utopus Insights offer a library of ready-to-use connectors to quickly get your data up and running on our platform.

Key Capabilities

Simple and Powerful Platform
Cloud Based

Advanced cloud architecture for scalable, high-performance operations, accelerating development and deployment of solutions.

Secure Connectivity

Provides high-level data protection with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 256 and TLS1.2, ensuring secure and reliable data communication.

Edge Computing

Intelligent edge processing for optimal performance and efficiency, reducing latency and data transmission loads.

Data Ingestion

Enables real-time data collection from diverse sources using standard protocols, enhancing system interoperability and data utility.

Data Management

Provides flexible mapping and enrichment of OEM events to standardized signals, improving data reliability and usability.

Data Lake

Delivers secure, fast storage in a multi-zoned data lake for large volumes of heterogeneous data, supporting advanced analytics and decision-making.

Visualize Renewable Assets in Real Time

Easy Onboarding

Our data management capabilities offer a simple guided way of configuring and on-boarding asset data to a scalable and secure environment.

Delivering Innovation

We value configurability over customization, delivering innovations and business value using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model of delivery.

Global Deployment

The platform supports a global deployment model, capable of supporting data sovereignty and large asset portfolios.

The Scipher product suite leverages the most advanced data analytics techniques available for energy applications as well as the largest data repository within the renewable energy industry.

To maximise value, Vestas’ digital solutions are developed and continuously improved with the aim to accompany a customer’s progress on their data management journey: 

Scipher.Vx provides portfoliowide wind and solar asset visualization for a descriptive ringside view of asset performance. 

Scipher.Vx+ delivers live monitoring, remote operations, availability, and performance management at portfolio, site, and individual asset levels.​

Scipher.Fx provides accurate renewable energy forecasting, from 5 minutes to 14 days ahead, making intermittent energy sources more predictable and reliable for the electric grid.

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Scipher.Vx - Asset Monitoring
Scipher.Vx+ - Asset Management
Scipher.Fx - Power Forecasting

Scipher™ Mobile Application

Get instant, actionable insights into your wind asset portfolio, effortless monitoring of renewable energy assets anywhere, anytime on-the-go.

Real-Time Insights

Make quick, informed decisions with real-time KPIs like Active Power and Energy Generated, all from your mobile.

Alarm Management

Monitor issues proactively with CMS Active Alarms; view details and download reports on-the-go.

Comprehensive Overview

Access a complete operational snapshot of your wind assets, from Turbine Status to KPIs.

Accessible Anywhere

Assess Turbine Metrics in detail and get easy global accessibility with multi-language support.