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Vestas is a market leader in the North American wind industry with 45,000 MW installed and 40,000+ MW under service in the U.S. and Canada. Vestas employs more than 5,000 people in the manufacturing, installation, and service of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Our North American market is served from our Portland, Oregon headquarters with an offshore headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and we supply turbine components from our two factories in Colorado.

In 2022, Vestas spent $1.6 billion across the USA supply chain with 1,200+ suppliers and $120 million across 200+ suppliers in Canada. 

Featured News

Colorado Manufacturing Investment

Vestas announces $40 million to manufacture our newest turbine for the U.S. market - the V163-4.5 MW - in our Brighton Nacelles and Windsor Blades factories, bringing new investments to our established Colorado onshore manufacturing footprint

We expect to hire between 800 and 1,000 local employees to support the manufacturing efforts at both the blades and nacelle factories

EV Transition

As part of our sustainability strategy and our transition to an electic (EV) or sustainably fueled fleet, Vestas is currently integrating 300+ Ford F-150 Lightnings and Ford Pro Chargers to our service sites across the U.S. 

This transition to electric vehicles marks an important milestone in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint while supporting the growth of clean energy across the country.

Vestas North American Footprint

45,000 MW

Turbines installed

40,000 MW

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