Wind Turbine Maintenance

Vestas offers best-in-class wind turbine maintenance partnering through a number of tailored Active Output Management ® packages to increase efficiency and reach the lowest possible cost of energy.

Wind turbine maintenance in numbers:


turbines under service


dedicated service technicians


turbines delivering data for analysis

Active Output Management® can release the full potential of your wind energy business

At Vestas, we are relentlessly committed to wind. That’s why we recognise that making the most of your wind farm is about more than engineering – it’s about capturing the maximum available wind to ensure the highest energy output at the lowest costs. Our unique Active Output Management® (AOM) service concept, based on our three decades of industry experience, helps you achieve just that.

To realise the best possible return on your investment, an effective operations and maintenance strategy is just as important as reliable turbines. We offer a flexible service product landscape (AOM 1000 - 5000) that you can tailor according to your needs.