Wind Turbine Product Portfolio

Vestas offers a range of products across three wind turbine platforms. The EnVentus™, 4 MW and 2 MW platforms provides an extensive portfolio of wind turbines which are each suited to specific conditions and requirements of your wind project.

Onshore and offshore
wind turbines

With Vestas as your supplier and business partner, you are basing your investment on documented processes: More than 40 years experience, insights and knowledge of wind.

Vestas wind turbines are checked and tested at our own test centres, after which the results are verified and certified by independent organisations. We also continuously monitor a large number of the wind turbines in operation, both to determine how the wind turbine design can be optimised and to use the data and knowledge to make wind turbine operation even more reliable and cost-effective. Vestas has an extensive portfolio of wind turbines which are each suited to specific conditions and requirements.

& Maintenance

You need to consider a large number of factors when operating a wind farm. It has to be serviced, it has to be managed effectively to get the most out of the wind turbines, you have to train people to operate it, and it has to be insured. We can help with all these issues, and more.

We provide a range of different offerings, such as service and training, and work in close collaboration with our customers to help them find the optimum solution for operating their wind power plant.

Plant & Energy

To gain the most out of your wind turbine site, Vestas offers you a wide range of options and solutions to support you in every step of your value chain. With our vast knowledge of the wind resource, we are able to assist you in optimising the layout of even the most complex sites, and we offer a great variety of options and solutions to enhance the performance of the wind turbine power project – and the business case certainty of your investment.