A successful energy transition depends on offshore wind

Turn procurements into projects

We must turn procurements into projects

In 2024, East Coast states could award up to 16 GW of offshore wind across six solicitations, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is planning to conduct new lease auctions that could unlock another 50 GW of new lease areas.

This shows that government plans for wind power are becoming increasingly ambitious.

But plans are not wind farms.

From plan to action 

The good news: we can reform State RFPs to support viable project execution and sustainable business cases for offshore wind, ensuring that planned projects become real wind farms on time.

So how do we turn procurements into projects?

Check out the solution paper for our four recommended steps.

File title:
Turn Procurements into Projects

In short

4 steps to reform State RFPs and close the say-do gap

Prioritize existing, mature technology 

The “technology arms race” has led to some offshore wind developers putting forward proposals based on immature, untested wind turbines introducing additional risk and increased costs.

Sustain an acute focus on execution

State RFPs have insufficient focus on project execution and supply chain readiness necessary for successful, on-time project delivery.

Avoid awarding or heavily incentivizing domestic manufacturing 

State by state local content requirements have failed as a policy mechanism and should be abandoned. 

Build indexation into PPAs or ORECs

Limited or no indexation adjustments within power purchase agreements (PPAs) or offshore wind renewable energy credits (ORECs) have led to some offshore developers abandoning contracts.

Targets, declarations and goals are not wind farms

Every year brings new promises for the energy transition. Promises in form of ambitious targets, highly touted declarations and firm goals. These promises are important to faciliate a shared commitment to deliver a more sustainable future. But, when these promises do not materialise into action, we are left with nothing but a plan. So it does not matter how many gigawatts we set as our target, or how well-intended our next declaration is, if there is not a clear line of sight to turning them into actual renewable energy generation. 

So let's save the celebrations for wind farms actually getting build.

The case for turning procurements into projects

16 GW

across six solicitations could be awarded by East Coast states in 2024

50 GW

new lease areas  to be unlocked by BOEM

~11 GW terminated

or paused since the beginning of 2023 due to unviable project economics

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Accelerated permitting is a must

Offshore auction design is not the only obstacle for a faster energy transition. Permitting of new wind farms is another pressing issue - explore our campaign here

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