Careers in North America

Can you lead the change to renewable energy? Learn more about who we are at Vestas, how we power our solutions, and how we empower our employees and their careers.

Energize Your Career

At Vestas, sustainability defines us. It anchors our passion to shape a more renewable future, powers collaboration in a diverse environment, and propels everyone's careers - helping us grow together. No matter your desired role whether it's reimagining a wind turbine's design or climbing 250 feet up one to service it - we're looking for talent with the expertise, innovation, and commitment to drive us forward.

Working in a Vestas Office

Join our engineers, analysts, specialists, and other business professionals to fine-tune our increasingly efficient turbines, manage our projects, and create value for our key stakeholders. 

Working at a Vestas Site

With more than 36,000 MW under service across 200+ sites in the U.S. and Canada, we're looking for dedicated in-the-field colleagues to help build, maintain, repair, and upgrade our turbines for our customers. 

Working in a Vestas Factory

Vestas' North American manufacturing footprint includes two factories in Colorado specializing in blades and nacelles. Become part of a thriving supply chain to help us meet the growing demand for wind energy. 

Career Development

To ensure that we apply all your skills and talents effectively, we are focused on offering our employees the right development and learning opportunities.

We provide opportunities, throughout North America, designed to channel talented colleagues through our Vestas career paths, including tracking your successes through our continuous performance and development process. 

Graduate Program

Are you ready to power your career and make an impact? Join the Vestas U.S. Management Trainee Program. In this 18-month program, you will have the opportunity to work on three 6-month assignments with a progressive increase in challenge and responsibility.

By joining the U.S. Management Trainee Program and Vestas, you will be part of an ambitious, high-paced, and goal-oriented culture with regional and potentially global career opportunities.