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The Vestas Parts & Repair offering is based on a world-class portfolio of service solutions that goes beyond Vestas to cover the largest wind turbine brands.

Parts & Repair at a glance


Spare parts and services are available on Shop.Vestas, covering most major turbine platforms, making it the world's largest spare parts shop for wind turbines


We offer you access to industry's largest network of global and local parts suppliers


That's how many parts our Service organization supplies every year

Vestas Parts & Repair

Better performance, higher
efficiency - across platforms

With Vestas as your service partner, you get access to a one-stop-shop for spare parts and repair solutions across your fleet, independent of platforms. From over-the-counter spare parts on Shop Vestas to fixed-fee main component coverage services, Vestas can deliver a spare parts set-up that fits your business needs.

Our investments into innovation and R&D means that we also offer a broad range of industry-leading and cost-efficient repair solutions. It is all delivered through the combination of a truly global supply chain and a strong local presence, allowing us the bring our worldwide wind expertise right to your doorstep.

Ordering spare parts and services made easy

Shop.Vestas is the leading global platform for ordering turbine spare parts, currently listing more than 88,000 items across brands. The product range includes parts from GE®, Siemens®, Gamesa®, and Suzlon®. We are extending the range of spare parts available month-by-month to make sure we cover your fleetwide needs.

Spare parts ordered via Shop.Vestas are delivered globally through a network of central warehouses and a multitude of local area warehouses and back-up depots. The user interface mirrors the global reach, currently being available in six different languages and offering optimized customer experiences for mobile, tablet and desktop as well.

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Global supply chain - 
local presence

We deliver you high-quality, thoroughly tested parts and consumables at a competitive price. Whether you order original or non-original parts, we guarantee you products which always live up to the Vestas Approved Quality Standard. 

  • Main Components
  • New or refurbished main components according to preference
  • Minor Components
  • Proven to secure the longest lifetime of your turbine
  • Consumables
  • The industry’s largest sourcing setup 

Innovative and cost-saving inspections

Prevent performance loss 
Protecting your components from developing serious damage is critical to ensure your business case. Inspections are an accurate and inexpensive way to assess how you proactively can minimize or even prevent serious damage to your components.

Early discovery of potential damages contributes to the extension of turbine lifetime, to exceed the original 20-year life design and ensures turbine availability when it is most profitable to you.

High quality, flexible inspection methods
Depending on turbine characteristics, customer preferences and site conditions, Vestas provides a broad range of inspection methods for assessing both Vestas and non-Vestas turbines. These methods include camera, telescope, endoscope, drone technology and software analytics.

Repair instead of replace to reduce O&M costs

High quality and fast repairs are critical to your turbines’ performance. With Vestas as your service partner, you can be confident that your turbine will be back in optimal operating mode as fast as possible after any repair solution. By offering you a wide and cost-effective range of valuable solutions, we ensure that your business operates smoothly. We strive to deliver unique, stand-alone repair solutions, which are designed to benefit the specific needs of our customers.

Our repair solutions are based on extensive field experience, quality, innovation, and timely execution, and our highly developed up tower capabilities enables you to save both time and money. We are continuously developing multibrand solutions, and apart from offering inspections, cosmetic repairs, and leading and trailing edge repair solutions for most of the leading turbine manufacturers we also can provide full service on certain platforms. 

Servicing major components

All components are needed for a turbine to operate at its maximum level. However, some are just a bit more important to the turbine's operational capability. Generators, gearboxes, and blades are often referred to as main components, because their functionality has the highest impact on the turbine's performance. For that reason, Vestas is continuously developing faster and more economical ways of servicing these component, including uptower repairs and exchanges, preventive inspections, and even fixed fee services to reduce the risk for the asset owners.

We are continouously developing multibrand solutions, and currently offer a wide variety of service solutions for most major turbine brands.

Comprehensive blade maintenance offerings

Vestas' suite of blade services - from inspection and intervention programs to full wear and tear coverage - offers a tailor-made solution for every O&M set-up. All services are designed to optimise the performance of your blades, ensure lifetime durability, and reduce costs related to blade services.

To support asset owners in their development of cost-efficient blade management strategies, Vestas offers a Blade Asset Management system. The system provides a digital overview of owners’ blade inspection data  and recommended actions across sites and turbines regardless of the wind turbine brand. Blade Asset Management is available on Vestas’ online customer platform, VestasOnline®, and builds on Vestas’ extensive experience inspecting, assessing, maintaining and repairing blades for 40 years.

Uptower repairs and effective component loops

Vestas offers industry-leading repair and refurbish capabilities, a wide range of uptower repair solutions, as well as a full range of downtower services, across multiple platforms. 

Vestas also offers the opportunity to include customers in our global main component loops, currently optimized to service more than 157 GW of wind turbines.

Extensive repair and upgrade solutions

Building on more than 40 years of R&D expertise and the engineering knowhow of manufacturing generators, Vestas has the experience and knowledge to offer you first class solutions. We offer repairs and upgrades designed to improve the lifetime of your wind turbines and reduce your O&M cost, on most of the prominent generator brands.