Who We Work With

Landowners & Communities 

We build meaningful partnerships with landowners and local communities to bring renewable energy to new areas, which:

1. Spurs local jobs

2. Boosts local economies and supports local businesses & suppliers

3. Provides annual lease payments and an additional cash-crop to landowners while maintaining current land use

4. Increases local tax revenue

5. Provides reliable, affordable energy

Our Approach:

Industry Experts:
We carefully select locations that support the community and responsibly meet emerging marketing demands.

Clear Communication:
We keep landowners and communities informed on project news and any actions that might relate to your property, business, or day-to-day activities.  

A Local Approach:
A community approach is ingrained into our mission. We take an active role in working with landowners, agencies, partners, and companies throughout the development process.

A Fair Shake:
We tailor landowner agreements to a specific area and market and provide a value proposition that fairly compensates landowners and makes the project attractive for investment by utilities and corporate buyers.  

Owners & Investors 

Customized Solutions:
We partner with diverse customers and support any or all parts of the development process. We offer customized renewable energy solutions to help our customers succeed in the market and manage risks.

Continuous Innovation:
We are backed by Vestas, the global leader in wind energy, and have direct access to the latest, world-class turbine technology and leading service operations to ensure optimal value. We leverage new product development and on-going innovation to open new markets.

Financial Security:
We are able to carry projects through their 30+ year lifecycle, ensuring successful execution and reliable energy delivery.

Sustainability in Everything We Do:
We are committed to developing responsibly and ensuring a sustainable future for communities and businesses. Learn more about our sustainability efforts and our zero-carbon goals.

Who We Work With:


Value Optimization:
We have a strong understanding of the energy markets and leverage our partnership with Vestas, banks, insurance companies, and utilities to offer unique renewable energy solutions. This includes long-term power purchase agreements and other financial instruments to empower our customers’ strategies in their journey to achieve their sustainability goals while ensuring optimal value and mitigating risk.

Energy Solutions for Everyone:

From local co-ops to owner operators to commercial industrial partners, we work with all types of energy offtakers and owners.