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Manufacturing in the USA

Vestas has invested $1 billion to establish four North American manufacturing facilities in Colorado and expand its research and development activities. Vestas employs more than 3,400 people in Colorado and more than 6,000 in the United States and Canada. 

Vestas wind turbines are part of a thriving energy supply chain. In 2017, Vestas spent nearly $1.5 billion dollars with over 1,000 USA based suppliers in nearly every state, to support the production, construction, and operations of its turbine fleet. Components from Vestas´ four factories are used primarily in North America, as well as being exported to Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, and Europe.

Brighton Nacelle Factory

The Nacelles factory was fully operational in 2010. The factory proudly manufactures nacelles and hubs for wind turbines in 265,000 square feet of building space. Our Nacelles factory employs approximately 400+ jobs at the factory and our manufacturing capacity is 1,400 nacelles per year. 

David Ivan, Factory manager 


"At Vestas Nacelle Brighton the core of our culture is our people. Building the wind turbines of tomorrow provides rewarding challenges and opportunities for everyone on our team. Our people create a safe, respectful, and friendly work environment with dedication, integrity, and care."

We emphasize safety, quality, and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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Brighton Blade Factory

The Brighton blade factory includes 750,000 square feet of manufacturing space located on 420 acres of land. Our property is also home to one of the largest rail switching yards in the state which is very useful in transporting the blades that are manufactured here.  Turbines are one of the top 20 commodities (by tonnage) that are shipped out of Colorado via rail.

Michael Krings, Factory manager


"Brighton Blades has many hard-working, committed team members that believe in what we do. Building a better blade is one way to create a better future for everyone through sustainable energy"

We have approximately 1100 employees producing the V110 and V136 blades for wind turbines. 

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Windsor Blade Factory

The Windsor blade factory includes 660,000 square feet of building space on 161 acres of land and with approx. 1,000 employees at the factory.

Hans Jespersen, Factory manager


"Vestas Blades Windsor strives to be an "Employer of Choice" in the Northern Colorado region. By providing great benefits, employee events, volunteer opportunities, employees at Vestas Blades Windsor take pride in knowing they are making a difference in their community and world."

The factory produces blades for the 2 MW wind turbines – specifically for V110 and V120 turbines and our manufacturing capacity is 2,000+ blades per year.

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Pueblo Tower Factory

The Tower facility includes 750,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is positioned on 804 acres of land. Our facility utilizes over nine miles of rail making us one of the most competitive transportation facilities in the world. With our 800 employees, we are the largest tower manufacturing facility in the world. Pueblo produces towers for wind turbines for the North American market for near shore and land-based applications.

Anthony Knopp, Factory manager


"What makes Vestas Tower a great company is our people and associates who care. Last year Vestas Towers received and implemented over 24,000 observations and suggestions from our employees."

The facilities priorities are to exceed our customer's expectations for safety, quality, productivity, and delivery.

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