Vestas introduces Covento 
A digital platform providing
a marketplace to efficiently
connect buyers and sellers of
parts and services in the
renewable energy industry

Introducing Covento

Vestas aims to transform a fragmented renewable aftermarket into a simplified and connected digital journey. By creating a space for vetted buyers and sellers across the renewable landscape to easily connect and collaborate, Vestas’ goal is to establish a stronger foundation to build scale.

Buyers and sellers will gain access to one digital platform, where parts and service needs can be met, and where it is possible to sell to the entire industry. Covento will increase transparency on terms, products, and services, thereby increasing efficiency across parts and services transactions.

Building from the most comprehensive assortment of onshore and offshore wind turbine parts and services across all wind turbine brands, Covento aims to, in time, expand to also cover the rest of the renewable energy industry such as solar, storage, and power-to-x technologies. It is powered by state-of-the-art ecommerce infrastructure and digital tools from leading solution providers and is designed for easy integration, user experience, security, and future scalability to grow with the industry.

Covento leverages Vestas’ experience and expertise to provide a best-in-class solution to buyers and sellers optimised specifically for the renewable energy industry. Relying on Vestas’ global reach and proven ability to scale, Covento offer to buyers and sellers simplicity, efficiency and scalability. Covento facilitates orchestration, with Vestas participating as buyer and seller. 

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Benefits and opportunities for buyers & sellers

As a buyer

One-stop-shop for all parts and repairs services in the industry, powered by the industry leader with the best-in-class digital environment.

  • Largest spare parts and services selection available in the industry
  • Easy identification of required parts across platforms
  • Access to a global supply chain
  • Trusted and reliable partners
  • Streamlined procurement processes
  • Secure digital platform built on leading e-commerce systems and tools
  • 24/7 accessibility incl. access to support through qualified technical staff
  • Tracking of delivery
  • E-procurement system integration
  • Transparent terms and conditions

As a seller

Highly scalable and advanced platform to sell to the entire industry, powered by the industry leader with best-in-class digital environment.

  • Access to the largest pool of buyers in the industry
  • Instant visibility towards all the buyers
  • Vetted and attractive buyers
  • Efficient customer acquisition
  • Scale geographically or into new market segments
  • Access to Vestas’ geographical footprint and network
  • Increased knowledge on customer demands 
  • eCommerce & Payment processing capabilities provided
  • Improve knowledge about customer demand through data insights
  • Secure digital platform built on leading e-commerce systems and tools

Powered by Vestas industry experience and expertise

Interested in joining Covento?

Covento is live in selected European countries. Additional markets will be added, and buyer and seller participation expanded in the subsequent roll-out starting with other EU countries, then others regions of the world. Contact your local Vestas representative or sign up here for more information.

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